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6 Key Steps to Transform Relationship Conflicts and Setbacks

transform relationship conflicts

Do you find your self struggling in a relationship?

To be heard, to be understood, to feel loved. 

Why is that?

We as humans are meant to be in relationships with others for many reasons. The interaction we experience is built on a base of constant movement, change and growth. It has no choice but to change and merge for we as individuals are in constant growth. At times we unknowingly resist growth and change, this often leaves us striving for others outside of our selves to fulfill our needs.

How do we bring less turmoil to our relationships? 

1. Become still. Disengage and get quiet within your Soul for there you will find your heart and connect back to love - the only real power in our lives. When we take the time to become centered our heart expands and brings peace to our mind. Simple tools are available and can be used. These are just a few examples: music, nature, yoga, dance, walking or meditation can help to remind you who you truly are, Soulful Love

2. Get clear. Wants, needs and dreams are three very different elements of our humanness. Make a list with the heading of relationship role, ex: My Child, My Husband, My Sister. Beneath have 3 columns Wants, Needs, and Dreams…as you write out each thought regarding the relationship clarity comes.

3. Realize your expectations. So very often difficulties arise due to us placing our expectations on others. Expectations can be based on fear instead of love. Take the time with each of your expectations regarding this relationship and ask is this in my head or in my heart? 

4. Unconditional Love. This phrase is used a great deal, take time to define it for yourself. You may find your unconditional love has expectations attached to it. Often expectations are unspoken desires and have a thread leading back to learned relationship patterns. Explore the thread.

5. Use your creative ability to open the heart space to “I wonder….” Have fun, filling in the blank. There are many phrases: what do they dream and desire, how would I feel if they were gone from my life, how can I make their day the best it can be? Your thoughts do create change, starting with yourself and radiating outward to others.

6. Using your list from exercise #2 answer the columns again. Listing your wants, needs, and dreams for the one you are in relationship with.…you will find that your heart expands with relationship Love.  

These simple 6 exercises will help your mind shift to gratitude. There are no right or wrong answers, only love from your Soul. It’s about learning what your soul needs, from yourself and defining the wants and desires from others you are in relationship with. Be open to change. When we become heart-centered and focus on what is happening in the present moment, our life expands. We expand our love and light shining our soul gifts of compassion, grace and harmony on to others. When we take the time to reflect and understand our soul needs, we are reminded of our life journey and that relationships bring us joy. 

After all, in the words of Ram Dass, we are all just walking each other home. Namaste…

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