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You didn't come here to struggle or suffer.
Spirit is waiting to guide you towards lasting joy, peace and love. You just have to take the first step.


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Get the answers

you're seeking

You didn't come here to struggle or suffer.
Spirit is waiting to guide you towards lasting joy, peace and love. You just have to take the first step.


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I offer two main types of sessions. Choose what you need most right now. Spirit will take care of the rest ;)  

Want to Connect with Spirit?

A Sacred Soul Session opens the door for the deeper understanding into your life. These sessions most often bring great insight, however more importantly answer your greatest need! 


During a Private Reading, I either us the psychic or mediumistic level to meet your need. The psychic level places emphasis on your life. By becoming aware of your soul, I understand your soul's qualities and how they need to be expressed in your life, helping you to overcome the difficulties that you are currently facing. When working with my mediumship, I will communicate with your loved ones who have passed away. I provide evidence of their life, which you will be able to validate. These sessions do not guarantee a specific loved one however the right Spirit always shows up. Most importantly gives your loved the opportunity to bring a message of hope and encouragement, helping you to heal, and navigate the situations you are going through.

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Looking for Answers and Direction? 

A Spiritual Way Coaching Session is for you! These sessions are for those looking for transformative change. We meet many challenging times in our lives and help is here!

 Have you had a Spiritual experience that has left you feeling scared or believing your powerless?

 Making the first steps to understanding your Spiritual Self is key!

My teaching and spiritual gifts will help you see through the fog.

These sessions bring forth action plans for your opportunity to make lasting change! 

Get Clarity Now

I had a very thorough reading with Bunny! She was very accurate and encouraging! I would highly recommend her services:)

- Sparkle


I get it. I've had a few discouraging, hazy readings myself - from so-called experts who didn't bring through any details that made sense.

It's so disheartening when you trust someone to guide you, only to walk away from the session feeling more confused, stressed or hopeless. (And wondering if you wasted money.)

A bad reading can actually do more harm than good.

That's why it's so important to make sure the person you are seeing not only has a true, innate gift, but also advanced training and dedication to their own spiritual growth. (You want them to walk the talk, right?!)

If you want a reading that really makes a difference in your life, it's also crucial that you feel some connection. Truly! I want you to feel comfortable.

Before working with anyone, ask yourself: Can I imagine having a heart-to-heart chat with this person?

If so, that is a good sign.

You deserve to work with a spiritual expert who sees your uniqueness, feels your pain and brings through guidance that changes your life.

As a life-long medium and intuitive, I've helped thousands of people connect with Spirit and their Soul - so they can transform their relationships, live their purpose, and experience lasting fulfillment.  I'd be honored to help you too. 

What makes me so different?

I can sense your soul's essence: Your soul is the core part of you that knows who you truly are and never dies. It carries all the messages and lessons of the past, present future. I'm able to look at your life through your Soul's perspective - a mountaintop view rather than knee-deep in the trenches. I see the lessons you're here to learn and the paths that are in your highest good. With this unique insight, I can help you heal on the deepest level and create the most magical possibilities and joy in your life.

I have extensive training: I've been trained by the most renowned spiritual experts, including mediums James Van Praagh, Tony Stockwell and Andy Byng. I've also studied at the world's most prominent spiritual school, Arthur Findlay College.

I've been in your shoes: While I may not have been your exact situation, I've experienced many of the feels you may have: grief, unworthiness, guilt, anguish, and devastation. I've had my own losses, break ups, and challenges. So I can truly empathize with your struggle... and can guide you toward healing, understanding and fulfillment.

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Spirit is waiting to guide you.

You just have to take the first step. The rest is almost effortless:)

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Just click on the button below and choose the type of session that you feel called towards. 

Get the Answers

We meet on Zoom or the phone and I tap into the higher realms and connect with the guidance in your soul. 

Move Forward with Ease 

Walk away with the healing, clarity and tools you need to create a life that lights you up. 

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If you've tried traditional grief counseling or therapy and felt it didn't help, there may be a reason why. 

Traditional grief counseling tends to focus more on separation. That is, getting you to accept that you are now separated from your loved ones in Spirit. This leaves many people with unresolved pain and questions. Mediumship, however, focuses on continued connection with your loved ones on the Other Side and Spirit. Imagine how it would feel without a doubt that your loved ones are still with you and that you're always guided by Spirit? It would feel pretty life-changing, right?! 

In a recent study featured in The Omega Journal of Death and Dying, researchers actually compared people's experiences with traditional grief counseling and mediumship. Mediumship was shown to be much more effective in helping people heal and move forward. 

I believe there is room for all modalities and encourage you to pursue counseling if you feel called. That said, I also know there is uniquely profound healing through mediumship that can't be found anywhere else. 

Happy Clients

Bunny is a Beautiful Soul who connects with you at a deep grounded spaces and dances with your soul. I felt so elevated and joyful after my session with her. She listened to me and truly heard what I had to share about my wishes and dreams. Her psychic insight and guidance were exactly what I needed to know!
- Tanya
My wife recently was diagnosed with some serious health issues. Bunny’s insights, both conventionally and from her Gifts and abilities were invaluable! Bunny can help many in all aspects of their lives.
- Matt
Bunny ~ how amazing she is. My cousin who just passed a few months ago from Cancer came through with beautiful words. It was such an emotional reading for both of us ~ I even apologized to Bunny. She said, ‘No need to apologize’ ~ her words from my beautiful cousin meant so much to me ~ since I haven’t really had time to grieve. Bunny ~ you are a beautiful soul💕 touched my heart ~ the beautiful memories and love you share to our souls. 💕Gwendolyn, USA
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