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Meditation for Mental Health

mental health

As we celebrate the awareness of Mental Health this week let’s rejoice in the conversations.

Mental Health is the title for a very large spectrum of brain function. As we are so inspired to have the conversations, we also must remove the stigma of such a large title. We need to recognize a level outside of the doctor’s office. Our complete brain function is “Mental Health” not just a diagnosed disorder. Let’s get the conversations to the grass roots with the desire and dream to proactively reduce the doctor’s visits and stress for everyone.

For myself, I set the intention to ask my loved ones, “How are you feeling today”? As my first words to them, was it easy no, but I did recognize that my first words we always about work and responsibility for them. It is something I worried about for them. My intention may have been coming from a place of love, but it certainly did not land on them as that. It brought to them all their own thoughts of work and responsibility. I was not giving them the sacred, soft place to land with Mom. The knowing, that no matter what, when I see her, I am ok, just the way I am, right now in this moment. When I was able to realize that was the results of my first interaction with my Sons, my heart hurt. I always want them to know and feel the love I have for them, always. That became my driving force for the change. I want to add to love, joy and positive feelings to mental health for the Sons in my life and anyone else I meet. For my own mental and body health I instilled meditation many years ago. The results speak for themselves both in relationships and medically.

Everyone hears about meditation, most of the professionals recommend it. You may actually need to learn the science behind the process to open your desire to instill meditation in your life. With 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day how can our brain function not be taxed. Add the outside stresses we all face and no wonder we are exhausted….and not choosing with intention to care for our brain’s health. Being and learning to get quiet doesn’t take any extra tools or cost you anything but time.  

So, I encourage you to look at meditation as a tool for your Mental Health. How you ask, become informed, take a class, read, learn about the brain. ~ Wishing you is Peace & Grace Always. Bunny ~ Cowgirl Medium

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