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The Path We Weave

path we weave

Why is it that it’s not until we come to the ending of a situation that we scream, cry, shout to the mountain tops that we are not happy…what is it within our human design that is so ingrained that we can unconsciously move forward: all the while grasping, seeking what we want to see, only to justify where we are. Why do we not allow our selves to first see what we have been doing all along? Why is that not our automated response? Is it too much for us? Is it too easy for us to not look? Have we become so desensitized to our surroundings that we blaze the path with out the clear vision of the end result? Has living in the moment destroyed the essence of keeping the end result in focus and moving with intention towards that. With all the mankind changes in our societal life have we given up on what is truly best for those we love. There are so many catch phrases we cling to “Live in the Moment” “Whatever” “It’s Your Life”

How about looking at the path “You” have actually created with your life? Did you plow through the bush like a bulldozer, choose the one most worn or actually walk your path with heart and eyes wide open? How about that, how about keeping the end result in mind and choosing each step with intention and end vision in mind. What were your catch phrases you were saying to yourself, asking yourself? Am I living with integrity, kindness, compassion and love with each step? How about that? How about those catch phrases! How about living with the human capacity to be grace, to be patience, to be love and to be the understanding you were born to be…All that really matters at the end, is the people you have loved and treated with compassion and understanding, so you can look back at your path with pride…how about that, looking back at your path with honour and integrity. Yes, live in the moment and any other catch phrase that you wish, but keep your eye on your path and what you have weaved. For when all else is gone ~ you are your path. 

Wishing your is Peace & Grace, always Bunny~Cowgirl Medium

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